Wellbeing Budget 2021

Our Recovery

We are developing systems and services to better meet the needs of Māori and Pacific peoples

As we rebuild our economy, it is crucial for Aotearoa New Zealand that we work in partnership with Māori as Treaty partners and with Pacific peoples to achieve their aspirations and ensure long-lasting equitable outcomes.

Our $380 million investment in Māori housing solutions will not only deliver better housing opportunities for Māori but will also empower iwi, hapū and Māori housing providers to build the skills they will need to continue delivering housing solutions, by Māori, for Māori. In addition, iwi and Māori will be able to access funding from the Housing Acceleration Fund. We are also providing support for Pacific enterprise through the Pacific Business Trust and regional providers throughout the country.

Māori still suffer, on average, worse health outcomes compared with other New Zealanders. This is not acceptable. Change is needed in the system to improve health outcomes for Māori. The establishment of the Māori Health Authority is a foundational change in how essential health services are provided for Māori. The Authority will drive hauora Māori and lead the system to make real change. It will have the power to directly commission health services for Māori and to partner with Health New Zealand in other aspects of the health system.

We are also championing education opportunities for rangatahi by supporting Te Reo Matatini me Pāngarau, literacy and numeracy standards for National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) learners in Māori medium education and by providing additional financial support for our Māori boarding schools. These institutions play an essential role in preserving Māori knowledge and values and fostering the next generation of Māori leaders. For Pacific learners, we are supporting bilingual and immersion education to help to maintain Pacific languages and culture.

The Pacific Wellbeing Strategy, being funded through Budget 2021, will ensure initiatives across the Government to improve Pacific wellbeing outcomes support Pacific communities' capability and aspirations. We are also providing additional support for Tupu Aotearoa programmes that provide Pacific young people with the tools, education, training and employment opportunities to succeed and thrive.

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